ALASecrets - The ALA Conference Shared Tweeter
So what's the story here? Well, it goes way, way back to 2009.... gather round you kids and we shall explain. A nameless librarian thought it would be fun to have a shared twitter account so anyone at the ALA Annual Conference could tweet anonymously about what was happening. Unfortunately the only way he know how to do it was give away the password. Surprisingly, that didn't last long. Now we have this website. No password required. Anyone will be able to post.

We'll turn the form on closer to the conference dates.

Three simple rules...
  1. Be nice!
  2. No names!
  3. No harassment or anything else even close!
The Form To Post Is Here

"If people are honestly worried about how @ALAsecrets reflects on the profession, we're in bigger trouble than I thought. We have so much work to do right now to retool and reassert libraries' positions in the communities they serve that to worry about some Twitter experiment seems foolish at best."